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The mountain photographer is interpreting the face of nature---that mysterious infinity, eternally a refuge, a reservoir, an amplifier of spirit; a mother of dreams; a positive though elusive voice in whose depth lies it's subtlety. They will interpret best who are never so content as when under the influence of situations where silence is rich in the mute assurance and beauty of mountain surroundings. The quality of emotional knowing has a finer intergration with our sprit then anything that comes from barren intellectual processes. This point of view only accumulates slowly, out of long experience and contact with wordless influences. Under the spell of solitude and of natural beauty the root system of this kind of awareness establishes itself. Great art is usually created under such saturation of awareness. The work is then permeated with an inner perception of beauty and an inner personal philosophy. The hope for our photography is that it shall retain these high lights of more then beauty, that through it symbols shall be preserved of response to our mountains, keeping them to a flow, a golden thread, in our experience. CEDRIC WRIGHT, 1941 You can contact me at Thank-You! Ken J Ostrom


High Sierra Photography

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Wild Flowers

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Night Photography

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